About Our Praxis

Inter-Arts Alliance was founded in 1972 by Prince Spinelli-Medici di Palma, with offices in Milano, Paris, London and Zurich. Its original mission was to help French, Italian, and British investors identify and implement luxury market opportunities in The Americas, Scandinavia, and the Asia-Pacific regions.


By 1978, the company opened additional offices in Monte-Carlo, New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong to augment its international client support system with special focus on advancing high-value categories, including fine-art, rare gems and jewelry, antique collectibles, couture fashion, and exotic alcoholic beverage reserves.


In the new millennium, Inter-Arts has embraced technology to provide fast and effective global management of its clients’ engagements, which now require far fewer physical locations and support personnel. These efficiencies allow an enhanced depth of personal attention to each undertaking.


This is especially important with global market dynamics in the luxury sectors having evolved to become considerably more complex. They are reliant now, more than ever before, upon critical nuances of the inter-dependent relationships between intrinsic and perceived values, and their sensitive alignment in the creation of offers which appeal to the world’s most elite consumers.


Today, as Inter-Arts continues to operate internationally, it serves a broad range of clients including large cultural organizations, institutional collectors, museums, art galleries, estate manager, capital trusts, and private individuals, to provide its globally-informed and highly discrete expertise.


Our history, unique relationships, experience, and insights from more than forty years of continuous engagement in this arena, has established Inter-Arts as a premier marketing an advisory resource for anyone seriously involved in the world of ‘arts and luxury’.

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